High Quality Data Recovery & Fixed Rate Pricing

We help customers recover lost data using data recovery tools from ACELab. Shipping with Canada Post is simple with our easy to follow instructions. The price you pay is determined by the type and capacity of the drive. We will use any and all methods to perform an efficient and high quality data recovery.

Free Shipping in Canada

  • Customer pays $25 return shipping (optional)
  • Includes high speed data download
  • Flat-rate pricing for all services
  • Pay using Visa, Mastercard or Interac e-Transfer

USA & International

  • Customer pays shipping
  • Customer pays return shipping (optional)
  • Includes high speed data download
  • Same flat-rate pricing billed in CAD
  • Pay using Visa, Mastercard or Interac e-Transfer
  • Hard drive air tight seal must be unopened

Payment can be made online with Visa, Mastercard or Interac e-Transfer.

All prices are in CAD dollars which is approximately $.75 USD.

Use our receiving address to estimate shipping cost.


The PO Box is with our national courier, Canada Post. You may need to send the package using your country’s own national courier.

Service Time

Shipping within Canada takes 1 to 2 weeks and service starts immediately when we receive the drive. The recovery process can take up to a week in most cases. If a donor drive is needed for parts, the timeframe can extend to a month or more.

File Priority

User generated files are recovered in priority sequence. You can tell us about other important files in the work order form.

  1. Files Specified In Work Order
  2. Documents
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos
  5. Other User Generated Files
  6. Non User Generated Files (Downloaded Files)

File names and directory structure are as important to us as file contents. The file list will show the condition of each file.

Data Download

Customers with a high-speed Internet connection can expect a download speed of around 10GB per hour, or 3MB/s. Transfer rates up to 20MB/s are possible. We can also ship the data back to you on a drive of your choosing. A 4% custom order fee applies to the drive cost with a $25 shiping charge.

Return Shipping

Return shipping is optional. Most customers leave their drive with us at completion of the service. The drive is disassembled for parts to help with future data recovery cases. You can get the drive sent back to you for $25 within Canada. Return shipping charge applies even if the recovery was not successful.

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