We’re ready to recover your data!

Select the service option based on the type of drive you need recovered. Hard drives 2TB or less, SSDs, USB flash drives, and SD cards of all sizes have a fixed rate price of $250. Hard drives with capacity larger than 2TB have separate pricing.

  • Hard drive pricing based on full capacity of the drive, not the data size.
  • Price includes data download service from our secure server.
  • Return shipping costs $25 if you need items sent back to you.

Select Device

Hard Drive 2TB or less$250Select
Solid State Drive (SSD)$250Select
USB Flash Drive$250Select
SD Card$250Select

Hard Drive (if larger than 2TB)

Hard Drive 2TB or less$250Select
Hard Drive 4TB or less$450Select
Hard Drive 6TB or less$650Select
Hard Drive 8TB or less$850Select
Hard Drive 12TB or less$1250Select
Hard Drive 16TB or less$1650Select
Hard Drive 20TB or less$2050Select
Hard Drive 24TB or less$2450Select


  • RAID & NAS service is to recombine array members into a complete filesystem.
  • Separate service applies for each member needing data recovery to make a valid array.
2 Member Array$250Select
3 Member Array$350Select
4 Member Array$450Select
5 Member Array$550Select
6 Member Array$650Select
7 Member Array$750Select
8 Member Array$850Select
9 Member Array$950Select
10 Member Array$1050Select
11 Member Array$1150Select
12 Member Array$1250Select