Select the service option for fixed-rate data recovery pricing. All options include free shipping and no diagnostic fees. Hard drives 2TB or less have a fixed rate price of $250. See below for pricing on hard drives with capacity larger than 2TB. SSDs, USB flash drives, and SD cards of all sizes also have a fixed rate price of $250.

  • Hard drive pricing is based on the full capacity of the drive, not the data size.
  • Price includes data download service from our secure server.
  • Return shipping costs $25 if you need items sent back to you.

Select Device

Hard Drive 2TB or less$250Select
Solid State Drive (SSD)$250Select
USB Flash Drive$250Select
SD Card$250Select

Hard Drive (if larger than 2TB)

Hard Drive 2TB or less$250Select
Hard Drive 4TB or less$350Select
Hard Drive 6TB or less$450Select
Hard Drive 8TB or less$550Select

Please contact us if you need something else. We’ll be glad to help!

Service Time

Shipping to our lab in Edmonton is 1 to 2 weeks with Canada Post. Once the package arrives, we will immediately start the data recovery process. Imaging data sectors from a damaged drive may take up to a week.

The time frame may extend to a month or more if we need to order a donor drive for the recovery.

File Priority

We recover all user generated files in priority sequence. You can tell us about other specific important files when submitting the work order form.

  1. Files Specified In Work Order
  2. Documents
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos
  5. Other User Generated Files
  6. Non User Generated Files (Downloaded Files)

File names and directory structure are as important to us as file contents. When recovery is complete, you get a report of the files, directories, and condition of each file. Complete files are separated from partial files so you can definitively more forward from files that have been damaged.

Data Download

Customers with a high-speed Internet connection can expect a download speed of around 10GB per hour, or 3MB/s. Transfer rates up to 20MB/s are possible in some instances. Be sure to check that you don’t have download caps or overage charges on your Internet service.

FTP setup instructions are available for WinSCP and FileZilla. You can download at your convenience and over several days if needed. See these instructions to temporarily disable the sleep function on your computer for Windows and Mac.

Shipping Your Data

If you prefer, we can ship the data back on a new drive of your choosing. Select any drive available on that has Prime shipping. We’ll order the drive to our lab, copy your data to it, and send the drive to you. The cost of the drive will be added to your invoice along with a $25 charge for shipping.

Return Shipping

You can have the drive returned to you at the completion of the service. The charge for this return shipping is $25 and applies even if the recovery was not successful. Otherwise, the drive is disassembled for parts to help with future data recovery cases.