Data Recovery

Base Price
Our flat-rate price covers any service needed to recovery your files. There is no charge unless your data is recovered. Resellers are welcome and it is ok to remove a drive from a USB enclosure for initial testing. For fixed pricing, the internal drive’s seal must be opened and no soldering work done previously.
Shipping to Lab
Shipping to our lab is free from anywhere in Canada. You just need a box, some bubble wrap and access to a Canada Post location.
Secure Download
Data transfer by web browser or secure FTP is included. Typical transfer rates are 5 to 20MB/s
File Verification
Browsable report of the file tree and condition of each file. Broken files are separated so that they can be easily discarded.
Return Shipping
If you want us to ship the data on a new drive of your choosing; or if you want the original failed drive returned.
+$25 for return shipping (optional)
PCB Replacement
Return shipping and parts cost is included if a healthy drive is repaired by replacing it’s PCB. Drive needs to report zero reallocated sectors.
$250 includes replacement PCB and return shipping
Deleted Files Recovery
Return shipping is included for logical recovery where the drive is healthy. Drive needs to report zero reallocated sectors.
$250 includes return shipping

How do I send a drive for service?

We will email you shipping instructions when you complete our online form. You just need some bubble wrap, an appropriate size box, and access to a Canada Post location.

How long will data recovery take?

Shipping within Canada takes about 1 to 2 weeks. Most recoveries are complete within 1 to 2 weeks after that. Some recoveries need more time so we will consult with your needs in those cases.

How are our prices so much lower?

The primary ways we reduce data recovery cost: 1) We removed the cost of operating a retail space. 2) We are not a franchise of any data recovery tools supplier. 3) We develop our tools in-house when it makes sense to do so.

Who will have access to my data?

Our professionals will not keep or share any of your data. We delete all your files once we know you have received them. Broken drives are disassembled and recycled so they can never be recovered again.

How do I receive my recovered data?

We have options for you to securely download your data, or we can ship it to you on a new drive of your choosing. But initially, our complete focus is on first recovering the data.


Your file list is made available at our customer login portal. When you get your file list, each file is categorized as follows:

  • Integral – Complete files with no errors
  • Corrupt – Partial files where some areas could not be read
  • Unknown – The sectors occupied by the file have unknown status; plus, the file type doesn’t have a verifier

Broken files are separated so that they can be easily discarded.

Browser Download

If you have your login info, the portal is located here:

You can get your files with just a web browser; however, downloading multiple files will be sent in one large zip file. An FTP client is recommended for large downloads.

FTP Download

You can get your files using a secure FTP client. We recommend WinSCP with these settings:

  • Download WinSCP:
  • File protocol: FTP
  • Encryption: TLS/SSL Explicit encryption
  • Host name:
  • Port number: 5021

A similar configuration is available for the FileZilla FTP client:

At a typical transfer rate of 10MB/s, you can download 250GB in 7 hours.

Please check your Internet service plan for download limits or overage charges.

Ordering A New Drive

If you prefer, we can ship the data in a drive of your choosing. Select a drive for us to order from Prime. We will order the drive to our lab, copy your files onto it, then ship the new drive to you. You will be charged the advertised price for the drive. The following links are filtered for Prime eligible products. If you are not sure which to buy, look for “Bestseller”, “Amazon’s Choice”, or ask us for a recommendation.

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