Hard Drives

Complete data recovery services for all brands of hard drives.

Data Transfer

Data transfer services available for most storage types. The storage devices must be readable by conventional computer equipment.


Quick Recovery

Recover from drives with read errors. You get the best price because we try this recovery first.


Cleanroom Services

We repair hard drives using an ISO Class-5 dust-free cleanroom environment. The cleanroom services price tier is for any hard drive repair not needing replacement parts.


PCB Replacement

Electrical failure of the hard drive circuit board is solved. We will find a compatible replacement and solder the BIOS chip to gain access to the data. There may be additional charge for a replacement PCB.


Motor Replacement

If the motor is faulty, we can move the platters, drive head and PCB to a new casing.


Drive Head Replacement

For degraded drive read heads, we will find a compatible donor drive for replacement. Installation of the drive head will allow access to the data. There is a charge for replacement drive heads. Partial recovery using the remaining healthy drive heads is $350.



  1. Services marked as data transfers require that the device or disk is in working order.
  2. There will be a charge to cover return shipping if you require your drive back without completing a data recovery service.

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