Level T    , 'y'

  Quick Help:
     List SIM files, y[Volume], [FileDescriptor]

    This command lists the volume, file descriptor, location, size, and CHS (if applicable) of
    each SIM file in the following volumes:

  Input Parameters:
    0 - Volume
        This parameter indicates which volume to print SIM files from.  Please refer to the
        following list of File Volume numbers to select the value of this parameter.

        File Volume numbers

        Type: Unsigned 32-bit value

        Range: 0 to 0xF.  Only volumes 0-5 and 9 are supported at this time.  Any other value
               in this range will print all volumes.

        Default: 0xF.  If no parameter is entered, all volumes will be printed.
    1 - File Descriptor

        This parameter indicates a specific file descriptor to be printed.

        Type: Unsigned 32-bit value

        Range: Valid file descriptor will return output.

        Default: 0.  If a non-zero value is entered, all volumes are searched
                 for matching file descriptor.  If a match is found, only the SIM file info
                 is printed.  Else, nothing is printed.

  Output Data:
    File  Vol  FD          Location    Size       Cylinder  Hd  Sector
    ----  ---  ----------  ----------  ---------  --------  --  ------
    0000  000  0xfc000000  0000000000  0x0000004  0x03d0e7  00  000000
    0001  000  0xfc001203  0x000055ef  0x0000008  0x03d0ff  00  0x006f
    0002  000  0xfc002204  0x0000563f  0x0000003  0x03d0ff  00  0x00bf
    0003  000  0xfc003205  0x00005617  0x0000002  0x03d0ff  00  0x0097
    0004  000  0xfc004206  0x00005667  0x0000002  0x03d0ff  00  0x00e7
    0005  000  0xfc00520c  0x0000ba21  0x0000181  0x03d11b  00  0x00e1
    0006  000  0xfc00620d  0x0000b319  0x0000708  0x03d119  00  0x00f9
    0007  000  0xfc00720e  0x0000bba2  0x0000708  0x03d11b  00  0x0262
    0008  000  0xfc000000  0x00025a10  0x0000004  0x03b4bb  01  000000
    0009  000  0xfc001203  0x0002afff  0x0000008  0x03b4d3  01  0x006f
    0010  000  0xfc002204  0x0002b04f  0x0000003  0x03b4d3  01  0x00bf




  Revision History:
    1.0 Initial Revision