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     Display Sign On Message

    This command displays the sign on message, which includes Product configuration,
    HDA configuration, PCBA configuration, Firmware revision and Feature configuration

  Input Parameters:

  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code
    If no error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "Product FamilyId: cc, MemberId: dd"
          "HDA SN: eeeeeeee, RPM: ffff, Wedges: gggg, Heads: h, OrigHeads: t, Lbas: jjjjjjjj, PreampType: kk kk"
          "PCBA SN: llllllll, Controller: mmmmm, Channel: pppp, PowerAsic: qqqq Rev rr, BufferBytes: ssssssss"
          aa...aa is a description of the product.
          cc is the Product Family ID.
          dd is the Product Family Member ID.
          eeeeeeee is the HDA Serial Number.
          ffff is the spin speed in revolutions per minute.
          gggg is the number of servo wedges per track in hex.
          h is the number of heads.
          t is the number of heads at build-time from servo symbol table. Active in rev13 and beyond.
          jjjjjjjj is the number of user LBAs in hex.
          kk kk is the Preamp Type (Preamp Registers 0 and 1).
          llllllll is the PCBA Serial Number.
          mmmm is an ASCII string that specifies the controller type.
          nnnn is the controller clock speed in MHz.
          pppp is an ASCII string that specifies the Read Channel type.
          qqqq is an ASCII string that specifies the Power ASIC type.
          rr is the Power ASIC revision.
          ssssssss is the data buffer size in bytes.

    The firmware package information will be displayed as follows.
          "Package Version: CCCCCC.CCCC.CCCCCC.CCCCCCCC, Package P/N: DDDDDDDDD, Package Builder ID: EE,..."
          "Package Build Date: MM-DD-YYYY, Package Build Time: HH:MM:SS, Package CFW Version: GGGG.GGGG.GGGGGG.GGGG,..."
          "Package SFW1 Version: IIII, Package SFW2 Version: JJJJ, Package SFW3 Version: KKKK, Package SFW4 Version: LLLL"
          CC...CC     is the Package Version Field.
          DDDDDDDDD   is the Package Part Number Field.
          EE          is the Package Builder ID Field.
          MM/DD/YYYY  is the Package Build Date Field.
          HH:MM:SS    is the Package Build Time Field.
          GG....GG    is the Package CFW Component Version Field.
          IIII        Package SFW Component 1 Version Field.
          JJJJ        Package SFW Component 2 Version Field.
          KKKK        Package SFW Component 3 Version Field.
          LLLL        Package SFW Component 4 Version Field.
       example output:
           "Package Version: MS1240.STD1.AA0502.STD10013, Package P/N: 100421943, Package Builder ID: C4,"
           "Package Build Date: 03/08/2007, Package Build Time: 151452, Package CFW Version: MS12.STD1.123456.B600,"
           "Package SFW 1 Version: B413, Package SFW 2 Version: C415, Package SFW 3 Version: ----, Package SFW 4 Version: ----"
       A warning message may be printed which indicates that some of the Firmware Package information
       has been truncated. The most likely causes of this warning would be that Package information is
       invalid or that this diagnostic does not support the Firmware Package format returned by the drive.
       example output:
           "Warning: Package Info truncation occurred."

    The controller firmware revision information will be displayed as 
          "Controller FwRev CCCCCCCC, CustomerRel DDDDDD, Changelist 
          CCCCCCCC is the Controller Firmware Revision.
          DDDD is the Customer Release number.
          EEEEEEEE is the Perforce Changelist Number.
          FFFF is the Product Type.
          GG/GG/GGGG is the date the code was built.
          HHHHHH is the time the code was built.
          IIIIIIII is the global ID of the person that built the code.

    The servo firmware revision information will be displayed as follows.
          "Servo FwRev CCCC
          CCCC is the Servo Firmware Revision.

    The RAP firmware implementation key will be displayed as follows.
          "RAP FW Implementation Key: CC, RAP FormatRev DD, ContentsRev EE";
          CC is the RAP FW Implementation Key.
          DD is the RAP Format Revision.
          EE is the RAP Contents Revision.
    The features information will be displayed as follows.
          "- AFH tttttttt"
          "- VBAR tttttttt" or "- VBAR with adjustable zone boundaries tttttttt"
          "- Volume Based Sparing tttttttt"
          "- IOEDC tttttttt"
          "- IOECC tttttttt"
          "- DERP Read Retries tttttttt"
          "- LTTC-UDR2 uuuuuuuu"
          tttttttt = "enabled" or "disabled"
          uuuuuuuu = "enabled" or "disabled" or "compiled off"
  Revision History:

    0001.0000   Initial revision.
    0002.0000   Added IOEDC and IOECC enabled status.
    0003.0000   Added Firmware Package Information to the output data.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes
    0012.0000   Added LTTC-UDR2 disabled, enabled, or compiled off indication
    0013.0000   Added RAP FW Implementation Key.
    0014.0000   Display original number of heads at build-time from servo symbol table.