CTRL-A Command (V0012.0000) : Display Firmware Revision

CTRL-B Command (V0012.0000) : Get Thermistor Temperature

CTRL-C Command (V0011.0000) : Firmware Reset

CTRL-D Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle R/W Tracing

CTRL-E Command (V0011.0000) : Display Native Interface Configuration

CTRL-F Command (V0011.0000) : Display Native Interface Read Cache Information

CTRL-I Command (V0011.0000) : Display Controller Registers

CTRL-K Command (V0011.0000) : Display DST Status

CTRL-L Command (V0014.0000) : Display Sign On Message

Carriage Return Command (V0011.0000) : Abort

CTRL-N Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle R/W Tracing

CTRL-O Command (V0001.0000) : Advance Servo Tracing State

CTRL-P Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle Diag Idle Mode

CTRL-Q Command (V0011.0000) : Resume Interface Task

CTRL-R Command (V0011.0000) : Enable ASCII Online Serial Port Mode

CTRL-S Command (V0011.0000) : Pause Interface Task

CTRL-T Command (V0011.0000) : Enable ESLIP Serial Port Mode

CTRL-U Command (V0011.0000) : Display Congen

CTRL-V Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle Interface Command Echo

CTRL-W Command (V0011.0000) : Enable and Init RW Statistics

CTRL-X Command (V0011.0000) : Display Native Interface and Read/Write Command History

CTRL-Y Command (V0011.0000) : Display DST Status

CTRL-Z Command (V0011.0000) : Enable ASCII Diagnostic Serial Port Mode

ESC Command (V0011.0000) : Abort Looping Command or Batch File

CTRL-\ Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle Debug Display Enable

' ' Command (V0001.0000) : Pause Output

'!' Command (V0011.0000) : Display Current Read Channel Settings

'$' Command (V0012.0002) : Display Read/Write Statistics By Zone

'.' Command (V0011.0000) : Display Active Status


'<' Command (V0011.0000) : Decrement Read/Write Scope Sync

'>' Command (V0011.0000) : Increment Read/Write Scope Sync

'?' Command (V0011.0000) : Display Diagnostic Buffer Information

'`' Command (V0012.0001) : Display Read/Write Statistics

'{' Command (V0011.0000) : Toggle EIB-Specific R/W Tracing

'~' Command (V0013.0000) : Display Native Interface Command State