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     Toggle EIB-Specific R/W Tracing

    This command is used to control the display of Read/Write Retry Tracing Characters using
    the serial port, formatted specifically for use with the Error Injection Board (EIB).
    Several modes can be selected through the setting of the bits S T R:
    S  T  R  |  Display Mode
    0  X  X  |  Vismux signals Enabled during Read/Write of a System Sector
    1  X  X  |  Vismux signals Disabled during Read/Write of a System Sector
    X  0  1  |  Retry number displayed. (see example below)
    X  1  0  |  Tagged or delimited retry number displayed. (see example below)
    example: Retry number displayed - for each retry, output the mode (R/W) and the retry number.
             R0001R0002R0003 or W0001W0002W0003
    example: Tagged retry number - this is the same as Retry Number display with the inclusion
             of a unique character '~', which is used to delimit each retry.
             ~R0001~R0002~R0003 or ~W0001~W0002~W0003

  Input Parameters:

  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code
    If no error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "S T R = a b c"
          "S T R" is an acronym for "Suppress Vismux", "Tagged Retry number", "Retry number"
          a is 1 if the Vismux output is to be supressed while accessing system sectors.
          b is 1 if additional tagging characters are added to the Retry number.
          c is 1 if the Retry number is to be output.
  Revision History:

    0001.0000   Initial revision.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes