Codes marked (++) are duplicated in sys.i for assembly language wrappers.
Codes marked (**) are converted to FRU codes for reporting in sense data.

0x00 INVALID_FLASH_LED_CODE            00000000 (**) Invalid flash code
0x07 WRITE_PROTECT_FENCE_FLASH_CODE    00000111 (++) Write to a Protected section (IDBA) attempted
0x08 MICRO_FAIL                        00001000 (++) ARM failure, Unexpected FIQ interrupt
0x0B BUFFER_FAIL                       00001011 (++) DRAM failed powerup or WRAM fail.
0x0C SCC_FAIL                          00001100 (**) Controller failed power up diagnostics
0x0D CTLR_VERSION_FAIL                 00001101 Controller not compatible with firmware
0x0E UNOPCODE_OCCUR                    00001110 (**) Unimplemented Opcode interrupt

0x10 XOR_FAIL                          00010000 (**) XOR power up test failed (tested even on non-XOR code)
0x12 PROG_ERR_EVEN                     00010010 EEPROM verify error, even byte
0x13 ERASE_ERR_EVEN                    00010011 EEPROM erase error, even byte
0x14 DL_TPM_FAIL_0                     00010100 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x15 DL_TPM_FAIL_1                     00010101 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x16 DL_TPM_FAIL_2                     00010110 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x17 DL_TPM_FAIL_3                     00010111 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x18 DL_TPM_FAIL_4                     00011000 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x19 DL_TPM_FAIL_5                     00011001 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x1A DL_TPM_FAIL_6                     00011010 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x1B DL_TPM_FAIL_7                     00011011 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x1C DL_TPM_FAIL_8                     00011100 TPM could not program EEPROMs
0x1D DWNLD_VFLT                        00011101 Download voltage fault

0x40 ALU_BUFPE_FAIL                    01000000 ALU buffer parity error
0x42 ERROR_INJECTION_ASSERT_CODE       01000010 Assert code reported when an assert event is triggered
                                                by error injection and no assert code has been given.
0x44 BUF_CFG_FAIL                      01000100 DRAM configuration process failed
0x45 FDE_BUSPARITY_ERR                 01000101
0x47 PREFETCH_VEC                      01000111 (++) (**) Prefetch abort exception (intvect.a)
0x47 SP_FAIL                           01000111 (**) Stack pointer out of range
0x4C READ_CHIP_ERR                     01001100 (**) Error in writing to read chip
0x4D IER_STACK_OVFL                    01001101 (**) IER stack overflow
0x4E IER_STACK_UNFL                    01001110 (**) IER stack underflow
0x4F IER_STACK_ERR                     01001111 (**) stack not empty on entry to sleep

0x55 IRAW_HAD_IOEDC_ERROR              01010101
0x5f IRAW_HAD_MISCOMPARE               01011111

0x67 UNDEFINED_INSTRUCTION             01100111, (++) Undefined opcode exception (intvect.a)

0x77 LOG_SAVE_FAIL                     01110111, (**) Log save data has exceeded the maximum allowable size

0x80 PORT_FAIL                         10000000, (**) Ports A & B failed power up diags
0x81 NO_BACKPLANE_DATA_RATE            10000001, (**) Can't find back plane data rate
0x81 DATA_RATE_NOT_FOUND               10000001, Can't find back plane data rate

0x90 CITCM_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR         10010000, Controller I-TCM unrecoverable error
0x91 CDTCM_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR         10010001, Controller D-TCM unrecoverable error
0x92 SITCM_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR         10010010, Servo I-TCM unrecoverable error
0x93 SDTCM_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR         10010011, Servo D-TCM unrecoverable error
0x9D TCM_CRC_FAIL                      10011101, (**) TCM CRC result is non-zero

0xC4 DRAM_INTEGRITY_FAILURE            11000100, (**) DRAM was detected to be corrupt on a write
0xC5 CLOCK_FAILURE                 11000101, (**) Failed PLL lock on the clock
0xCC ASSERT_FLASH_CODE                 11001100, (++) Assert failure
0xCD ENSURE_FLASH_CODE                 11001101, (++) Ensure failure
0xCE REQUIRE_FLASH_CODE                11001110, (++) Require failure

0xD1 SCSI_UNEXP_INT                    11010001, (**) Unexpected SCSI interrupt
0xD2 SCSI_TIMEOUT_FLASH_CODE           11010010, (++) SCSI timeout
0xD3 ILLEGAL_STATUS_CODE_FLASH_CODE    11010011, (++) Illegal status code
0xD4 SCSI_UNDER_OVER_RUN_OCCURED       11010100, SCSI Hardware was Overrun or Underun by the host
0xD5 UNEXPECTED_STATUS_CODE            11010101, Unexpected status code from the sequencer
0xDD DIVBY0_FAIL                       11011101, (++) (**) Divide by zero interrupt, SWI range error

0xEE ABORT_FAIL                        11101110, (**) Data abort exception (intvect.a)

0xF1 CTLR_NUKED_BY_FDE                 11110001, FDE Nuke the chip bit set, data transfers not allowed
0xF4 FLASH_IOEDC_PARITY_ERROR          11110100, (**) temporarily flash on IOEDC_PARITY_ERROR