Level C    , 'B'

    Quick Help:
      This command retrieves and displays channel Status List Entries.
    Input Parameters:
    Output Data:
            "Iteratn Bad Bit Erasure Low LLR Sum LLR Stat  Tag    Entry count zz"
            "    aaa     bbb     ccc     ddd     eee   ff    e"
             zz is the number of entries in the list
             aaa is the iteration count for the entry
             bbb is the bad bit count for the entry
             ccc is the erasure count for the entry
             ddd is the Low Logrithmic Likelihood Ratio count for the entry
             eee is the Logrithmic Likelihood Ratio Soft Sum for the entry
             ff is the status field for the entry, with bits as defined below:
               SLE_FIFO_OVERFLOW    0x01
               SLE_THERMAL_ASPERITY 0x02
               SLE_FSB_EVENT        0x04
               SLE_CODE_VIOLATION   0x08
               SLE_LLI_STATUS_MASK  0xF0
             e is the LBA tag and sync status for the entry
               LBA_TAG_MASK         0x3FFF
               SYNC_MRG             0x4000
               SYNC_MISS            0x8000
      Example #1:
      To display all Status List Entries:
         F3 C>B
    Revision History:
     1.0 Intial Revision