Level 7    , 'g'

  Quick Help:
     Sector Based BER, g[sctr],[len],[option]

     This routine measures the bit error rate for each sector in the range

  Rap Interaction:
     This command only works properly if the LBA INCREMENT ENABLE bit is cleared in RAP.
     This bit will eventually be moved out of RAP, but if a drive has this bit in RAP
     and set, it must be cleared manually.
     To check the bit:
       7> I,1,4,2
          look at the second bit of 2D5
     To clear the bit (example: register had 22)
       7> I20,1,4,2,13
       7> w2,,22         < saves adaptives to flash >
  Input Parameters:
    0 - Start sector

        This parameter indicates the first physical sector number
        to read.

        Type:    Unsigned 32-bit value

        Range:   0 to FFFFFFFF

        Default: 0

    1 - Sector Count

        This parameter determines how many sectors will be read.
        Type:    Unsigned 32-bit value

        Range:   0 to FFFFFFFF

        Default: Whole track
    2 - Loop Count
        This parameter indicates how many times to read each sector.
        Type:    Unsigned 32-bit value

        Range:   0 to FFFFFFFF

        Default: 200 decimal ( gets Rbit around 6.0 )
  Output Data:
   The following information will be displayed:

        "Sector Raw     Rbit = rr.r"
        "ssss  aa.a"
        rr.r     is the log of the number of user data bits read
        ssss     is the physical sector number
        aa.a     is the true bit error rate for the data bits for that sector

    Example #1:
      To read sectors 0 - 0x7F  each 0x100 times:
         7> g0,80,100
      To read the whole track 0xC0 times:
         7> g,,C0

    Potential Error Conditions:
       "System can only handle 800 sectors" can appear if the user requests
       more sectors than the underlying logging system can handle.  In this
       case the requested sector count will be reduced.
       "Suspicous LBA tag" occurs if the logging system reports an LBA that
       has not been read.  Retrying is recommended.
       "Error code" reports any error experienced during execution of the command.
  Revision History:
   1.0 Intial Revision