Level 3    , 'R'
     Level 8    , 'R'

  Quick Help:
     Read Current Servo Destination, R

    This command will display the Current Servo Destination information. The firmware
    components that make up the current position will also be displayed. These include:
    Destination Track Id, Destination Position, Mr Jog Value, and Offset Value MrJog.

  Input Parameters:

  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code
    If no error occurred, the current servo destination information will be displayed as
          "AAAAAAAA DestinationTrackId Q0"
          "BBBBBBBB DestinationPosition Q12"
          "CCCCCCCC MrJogValue Q8"
          "DDDDDDDD OffsetValueMrJog Q8"
          "EEEEE.EEE Current Servo Destination"
          AAAAAAAA  is a Q0 number (whole integer) that represents the servo track number.
          BBBBBBBB  is a Q12 number (12 bits of fractional position) that represents the
                    offset from DestinationTrackID.  This offset includes the read-to-write
                    offset (aka microjog, reader/writer offset, MR jog, etc.) and any commanded
                    diagnostic offsets from all sources.  It can also span many tracks (there
                    are 20 bits of  whole track information).
          CCCCCCCC  is the total contribution of offset in servo counts that is computed by
                    servo to account for the read-to-write offsets.  It is a Q8 number
                    (8 bits of fractional information).
          DDDDDDDD  is a diagnostic offset that is almost exclusively used by self-test to
                    perform microjog calibration.  It's a Q8 number (8 bits of fractional
          EEEEE.EEE is the actual target track with fractional position information that servo
                    uses for its reference.
  Revision History:

    0001.0000   Initial revision.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes