Level 2    , 'F'

  Quick Help:
     Modify Track Defect List, F[PSctr/LBA],[Action]

    The Modify Track Defect List command modifies the defect list for the specified

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When this command is used to add items to the Reassigned Sectors List,
    it should also update the Critical Event Log and the R-List counts.  However, these
    updates are deferred until the SMART subsystem can get idle access.  After using the
    Modify Track Defect List command, use either the Online Control R or Online Control T
    command to exit diagnostic mode so that the SMART subsystem can perform updates.  If the
    drive is power-cycled before exiting diagnostic mode, the drive will NOT preserve the
    information in the SMART sector.

  Related Commands:

    The Reassigned Sectors List may be viewed by using the Level T 'V4' command.
    Display Defect Lists (Level T 'V')

    The Critical Event Log and R-List counts can be viewed by using the Level 1 'N'.
    command.  (Use 'N8' for the Critical Event Log and 'N18' for the R-List counts.)
    SMART Control (Level 1 'N')

  Input Parameters:

    0 - Physical Sector or LBA to Modify.
        If Parameter 1 is A1, B1, C1, or F1, this value is an LBA.
        If parameter 1 is some other value, this parameter is the physical sector number
        of the block to be affected.  The cylinder and head come from the current address.
          Type:    Unsigned 32-bit value
          Range:   0 to 0xFFFFFFFF
          Default: 0
          Note:    The track and head used are the current track.  When working with sectors
                   that are already alted, it is best to use the LBA mode actions (B1 and C1
                   below) .
    1 - Defect List Action.
        Parameter 1 specifies the format action to be taken. The valid choices are:
          A - Add Sector to Alternated Sector List
          A1 - Add LBA to Alternated Sector List
          B - Add Sector to Pending Sector List
          B1 - Add LBA to Pending Sector List
          C1 - Remove LBA from Alternated Sector List
          F1 - Remove LBA from Alternated Sector List ( same as C1 above )
          Type:    Unsigned 32-bit value
          Range:   0 to 0xFFFFFFFF
          Default: 0x0C1
  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code


    Example #1:
    To remove LBA 1234 from the alt list:

       F3 2>F1234,f1

  Revision History:

    0001.0000 Initial Revision.
    0002.0000 Remove 2>Fx,F; add Fx,F1 to unalt by sector.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes