We are so happy to have recovered the important data of our customers. A special Thank You goes to our review writing customers for helping others find great data recovery service.

I had my Hard disk die on me while I was trying to save the data from it. Over a decade of taxes and important files along with my entire picture and video library, which includes the only copy of old, scanned family photos that perished in a fire years earlier. Well Irescuedata worked on my drive for an entire month and were able to save everything important for an amazingly priced flat rate. I strongly recommend their service to everyone. Now I hope that I never need to use their service again, However I feel comforted knowing they will be around to help.

thumb Gregory Didycz

I am extremely satisfied with the fast service I received. Will be using again. 10/10

thumb Zhane Grey (Mooncrawler)

My USB drive was damaged during trip in Toronto during the first week of March 2022 and cannot access all the important files stored. Visited the called "best data recovery store" (memofix data recovery) recommended by Best Buy technicians and I was told by the lab it would take 3-4 days for diagnosis and even longer for data recovery. The cost could be $300 minimum. When back in Edmonton, I contacted another US service found from Google search. I have to ship the USB back to Toronto and the cost is USD 300-USD1600. So I contacted another store in town open on Saturday and was also told it would take a few days to diagnosis and resotre. During my trip to this Store, I received a phone call back from iRescurData technician so I decided to try iRescueData first because they are quick in response. In the end it took them less than one day to diagnose and recover my data. And it all happened on Saturday which most of the data recovery suppliers are closed. The technician was very polite, listened carefully about your situation, respected your time, and he is so knowledgable and technically strong. And the final Cost: <100CAD.
They are the BEST on technology and the BEST on the price. If you are living in North America, go seek help from this Lab first before trying other Data Recovery Services. 200% recommended!!

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