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$250 Fixed Rate Data Recovery

The core of our business is to offer high quality data recovery service for a fixed price. iRescueData is able to solve most cases for $250+gst and offers free shipping. For more advanced recoveries, you get a free diagnostic and referral to one of our trusted specialized labs. Shipping is easy, you just need to bring the packaged drive to a Canada Post location. Get a professional assessment and most competitive data recovery pricing by sending your drive to iRescueData.

Easy Data Download

Most clients use a secure login to get their data from our convenient download station.

Browser Download – You can get your files with just a web browser; however, downloading multiple files will be sent in one large zip file. An FTP client is recommended for large downloads.

FTP Download – Use a secure FTP client to download your files. At a transfer rate of 10MB/s, you can download 250GB in 7 hours. Please check your Internet service plan for download limits or overage charges.

Buy a Drive from Amazon.ca – If you prefer, we can ship the data in a drive of your choosing. Select any drive available with Amazon.ca Prime. The cost of the drive will be added to your work order balance.

Post Office Locations

We cover the cost of shipping from anywhere in Canada. Bring your package and shipping authorization to a Canada Post location so they can print your shipping label.

3236 River St, Alvinston ON N0N 0A0