The following database downloads will get your full node wallet synced quickly and with less compute effort. Torrents are updated at least twice a year. Help seed to other users if you have unused bandwidth.

Apple (APPLE)2024-01-06
BTCgreen (XBTC)2024-01-13
Cactus (CAC)2024-01-06
Chia (XCH)2024-01-06the OG
Chik (XCK)2024-01-07
Chives (XCC)2024-01-08not k32
CryptoDoge (XCD)2024-01-07
DogeChia (XDG)2024-01-17
Flax (XFX)2024-01-06
GreenDoge (GDOG)2024-01-06
HDDcoin (HDD)2024-01-09
LittleLamboCoin (LLC)2024-01-07
Mint (XKM)2024-01-07
Moon (MOC)2024-01-07
One (XONE)2024-01-16
SeaCoin (XSEA)2024-01-14
Seno (XSE)2024-02-03
SSDCoin (SSD)2024-01-09
STAI (STAI)2024-01-20
Stor (STOR)2024-01-06
Two (XTWO)2024-01-22

The following wallets are not syncing. Please contact if you know a way to get them going again.
Achi (ACH)stopped
Ballcoin (BALL)stopped
Chinilla (HCX)stopped
Flora (XFL)stopped
Gold (GL)stopped
GreenBTC (GBTC)stopped
Kale (XKA)stopped
Maize (XMZ)stopped
N-Chain (NCH)stopped
SHIBgreen (XSHIB)stopped
Silicoin (SIT)stopped
Skynet (XNT)stopped
Spare (SPARE)stopped
Taco (XTX)stopped
Wheat (WHEAT)stopped

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