Online     , CTRL-W

  Quick Help:
     Enable and Init RW Statistics

    This command turns on and read / write statistics gathering and zeros the error counters.

  Related Commands:
    any level ` - display error counters
    level L i   - L>iFFFD will zero out the error counters.
    level L E   - L>E,,0 will disable statistics gathering
                - L>E,,1 will enable statistics gathering
                - L>E,,2 will zero out the error counters.

  Input Parameters:

  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code
    If no error occurred, the R/W statistics control information will be displayed as follows.
          "Rd/Wr stats XXX"
          XXX is either the strings "On" or "OFF".
    ( always "Rd/Wr Stats On" for Ctl-W )

  Revision History:

    0001.0000   Initial revision.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes