'B' Command (V0011.0000) : Buffer Display

'C' Command (V0011.0000) : Buffer Copy

'D' Command (V0011.0001) : Memory Block Display

'E' Command (V0001.0000) : Symbol Error Map

'P' Command (V0011.0000) : Set Buffer Pattern

'U' Command (V0011.0000) : Spin Up Drive

'V' Command (V0011.0000) : Buffer Compare

'Y' Command (V0011.0000) : Set Retries - DERP

'Z' Command (V0011.0000) : Spin Down Drive

'b' Command (V0011.0000) : Set Baud Rate

'r' Command (V0011.0000) : Read System CHS

's' Command (V0011.0000) : Seek to Physical Cylinder and Head

't' Command (V0011.0000) : Write Peripheral Register - channel or preamp

'y' Command (V0011.0000) : Set DERP Retry State

'z' Command (V0011.0000) : SataDebug