'D' Command (V0011.0000) : Measure Seek Access Time

'E' Command (V0012.0000) : Display / Edit Log

'H' Command (V0011.0000) : Select Logical Head

'O' Command (V0011.0000) : Seek Repeatedly Between Physical Cylinders

'Q' Command (V0011.0000) : Write

'R' Command (V0011.0000) : Read Current Servo Destination

'S' Command (V0011.0000) : Seek to Logical Cylinder and Head

'U' Command (V0011.0000) : Spin Up Drive

'V' Command (V0011.0000) : Read or Write Power ASIC Register

'Z' Command (V0011.0000) : Spin Down Drive

'b' Command (V0001.0000) : LoadUnloadHeads

'f' Command (V0013.0000) : Real Time Servo Trace

'p' Command (V0011.0000) : Translate Physical Sector

'q' Command (V0011.0000) : Translate Logical Sector

's' Command (V0011.0000) : Seek to Physical Cylinder and Head