Level C    , 'S'

    Quick Help:
      This command retrieves and displays channel Status List status information.
    Input Parameters:
      0 - Clear log
          If entered, the log will be cleared.
    Output Data:
            "Wrap [on or off] [Log overflow] [FIFO overflow]"
            "Wrap count = XX"
            "Entry count = CC    Current entry = EE"
            "Codeword size = W    Buffer bytes = BB"
             "Wrap on" indicates entries will resume filling at the top
               of the list when status list is full.  "Wrap off" indicates
               new entries will be discarded once the list is full.
             XX is the number of times wrapping occurred.
             CC is the number of entries in the list.
             EE is the zero based number of the next entry in the list to be written.
             W is the number of codewords in one disk sector.
             BB is the number of bytes in the status list entry log.
      Example #1:
      To display channel status list status:
         F3 C>S
      Example #2:
      To clear the channel status list:
         F3 C>S1
    Revision History:
     1.0 Intial Revision