Level C    , 'I'

    Quick Help:
      This command retrieves and displays channel Status List status information.
    Input Parameters:
      0 - Trigger mask.
          This parameter sets and clears triggers.  The trigger masks are
          as follows:
            01 Thermal asperity
            02 Code violation
            04 Flaw scanbus
          If no value is input, the masks will not be changed.  Note that these
          masks are listed in the output as shown below.
    Output Data:
            "Triggers set:"
            "01 TA      MM"
            "02 Code violation MM"
            "04 Flaw scan bus  MM"
             MM is either "ON" or "off" to indicate whether the trigger is armed.
             The numbers starting each line are reminders of what input parameter
             to use to set the trigger.
      Example #1:
      To display current trigger states without altering them:
         F3 C>I
      Example #2:
      To set the TA and code violation triggers and clear the flaw scan bus trigger:
         F3 C>I3
    Revision History:
     1.0 Intial Revision