Level 5    , 'D'

  Quick Help:
     Read / Unlock DDR Buffer, B[OperateCode]

    This command is used to either read the entire DDR data from DDR buffer, or unlock DDR
    buffer to resume DDR data collection.

  Input Parameters:

    0 - Operate code to determine if this is a read or unlock command
       When this parameter is entered as the value of 0FFFFh, it is an Unlock DDR Buffer
       command. The purpose is to resume DDR data collection in servo.
       When this parameter is not entered or entered as a valid value other than 0FFFFh,
       it is a Read Entire DDR Data from DDR Buffer command.
          Type: Unsigned 16-bit value
          Range: 0 to 0xFFFF
          Default: 0.

  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code
    If no error occurred and the option to read the entire DDR Buffer is selected, then the
    following information will be displayed as follows.
          "DDR buffer locked: a"
          "Total Revs:        bbbbb"
          "Revs after Event:  ccccc"
          "Data per Servo:    ddddd"
          "Servos per Rev:    eeeee"
           "ffff ffff ffff ..."
           "ffff ffff ffff ..."
          a     is either 0 or 1, where 1 or 0 means the DDR buffer is locked or not locked.
          bbbbb is the total revs of data stored in DDR buffer (in decimal).
          ccccc is the revs of data after the DDR event (in decimal).
          ddddd is the number of DDR data per servo wedge (in decimal).
          eeeee is the number of servo wedges per rev (in decimal).
          ffff  is the actual DDR data (in hex).  The DDR data is displayed so that all DDR
                data from the same wedge is on the same line.  So the total number of lines
                of actual DDR data = Total Revs (bbbbb) * Servos per Rev (eeee).
  Revision History:

    0001.0000   Initial revision.
    0011.0000   Combined the PSG Diagnostic Error Codes (PSGDEC) and the Diagnostic External
                Test Service Error Codes (DETSEC) into a single set of Diagnostic Error Codes