Level 2    , 'i'

  Quick Help:
     Display Defects On Current Track, i

    This command displays the defecive sector information on the current Target Track.

  Input Parameters:
      0 - Option to display a summary of the current track. If entered display summary.
            If not entered, the summary and all the slips on the track will be displayed.
            This command will take a lot longer to run if the parameter is not

       Type:    Unsigned 8-bit value

       Range:   0 to 0xFF

       Default: Not entered
  Output Data:

    If an error occurred, the following information will be displayed.
          "DiagError aaaaaaaa"
          aaaaaaaa is the Diagnostic Error Code

    The track information will be displayed as follows.
          "Track Info:"
          "Partition PhyCyl   LogCyl   NomCyl   Radius_mils LogHd Zn 
FirstLba FirstPba LogSecs PhySecs WdgSkw SecPerFrm WdgPerFrm"
          "bbbbbb    cccccccc dddddddd nnnnnnnn o.ooooooEoo ee    ff 
gggggggg hhhhhhhh iiii    jjjj    kkkk   llll      mmmm"
          bbbbbb            is either "User" or "System" to indicate 
which partition.
          cccccccc          is the Logical Cylinder address where 
Logical Cylinders do not
                            include the cylinders in other partitions.
          dddddddd          is the Physical Cylinder address where 
Physical Cylinders
                            include User Area Cylinders, System Area 
Cylinders and Spare
          ee                is the Logical Head address where Logical 
Heads do not
                            include heads that have been depopulated.
          ff                is the number of the zone that contains the 
          gggggggg          is the first Logical Block Address (LBA) on 
the track.
          hhhhhhhh          is the first Physical Block Address (PBA) on
 the track.
          iiii              is the number of logical sectors on the 
          jjjj              is the number of physical sectors on the 
          kkkk              is the skew in wedges from index to the 
wedge that contains
                            physical sector 0.
          llll              is the number of physical sectors per frame.
          mmmm              is the number of wedges per frame.
          nnnnnnnn          is the Nominal Cylinder address where 
Nominal Cylinders
                            remove the VBAR scaling factor.
          o.ooooooEoo       is the Radius in milliinches as measured 
from the hub.
          "Sector Info:"
          "PhySec Wdg     PhySec Wdg    PhySec Wdg    PhySec Wdg"
            cccc  ddd     eeee   fff    gggg   hhh    iiii   jjj
       As shown above, the sector information is displayed in four columns.  The displayed
       information is defined as follows:
          cccc, eeee, gggg and iiii are the Physical Sector Address.
          ddd, fff, hhh and jjj are the number of the Servo Burst that preceeds the sector.
  Revision History:

    0011.0000   Initial revision.