File Recovery with R-Studio

Here we know the drive is 100% healthy but the files do not appear. This is most likely a logical problem with the filesystem rather than a physical problem with the drive. We call on a great tool called R-Studio to scan for lost filesystems. Download and install the R-Studio trial from here:

If your files appear in R-Studio when you open the program, simply select the required files and save them to another place on your computer. Otherwise, right-click on your drive and select “Scan…” from the menu. Allow the scan to read the entire surface of the disk. When it is finished it will list all found filesystems in order of confidence. You will need to right-click one of the found filesystems and select “Open Drive Files”. Keep trying different filesystems if you did not see your files or contact us as there may be additional methods we can try.

DIY Guides

There are some problems that you can solve on your own without the need to send in your drive. The instructions assume you have experience solving computer problems. Be sure to read the first guide to avoid risk of further data loss. Using this guide is optional. If you prefer, just send us the drive and we will recover your data in our lab for a flat rate of $250.

Safely Perform DIY Data Recovery
Save on data recovery. Find out if you can recover data on your own without risk of futher data loss.
File Recovery with R-Studio
Use R-Studio to recover files from a PC or Mac formatted disk.

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