Farming Receive Address (XCH)


Farming 41.8 TB

New PlotsTotal% PER 7.3 TB
2021-05-011.6 TB41.8 TB17.5%
2021-04-300.9 TB40.2 TB18.2%
2021-04-290.6 TB39.3 TB18.6%
2021-05-200.8 TB38.7 TB18.9%
2021-05-191 TB37.9 TB19.3%
2021-05-180.6 TB36.9 TB19.8%
2021-05-172.2 TB36.3 TB20.1%
2021-05-032.3 TB34.1 TB21.4%
2021-05-022.4 TB31.8 TB23.0%
2021-05-162.8 TB29.4 TB24.8%
2021-05-151.9 TB26.6 TB27.4%
2021-05-141.6 TB24.7 TB29.6%
2021-05-132.9 TB23.1 TB31.6%
2021-05-121.7 TB20.2 TB36.1%
2021-05-111.1 TB18.5 TB39.5%
2021-05-102.8 TB17.4 TB42.0%
2021-05-092.1 TB14.6 TB50.0%
2021-05-082.5 TB12.5 TB58.4%
2021-05-073 TB10 TB73.0%
2021-05-062.3 TB7 TB104.3%
2021-05-052.6 TB4.7 TB155.3%
2021-05-042.1 TB2.1 TB347.6%

Chia Plot Sharing Agreement

One Chia plot share returns 7.3 TB share of any farming wins for a duration of 2 years. Plot files are owned by the farm operator and will not transfer to the share recipient. The percent share compared to the total farm will become lower as more plots are added to the farm. Percent share on the day of a win will be used to determine payouts.